About Us

WSM Craft is an Heirloom Home Designer focused on creativity, craftsmanship and the elevating the legacy of craft in Western North Carolina. We design landmark homes and specialty renovations in the Asheville area. Our team and collaborators include the area’s master craftspeople and innovative makers. We are one of the only custom home builders in this region with our own wood shop.


Smith McAulay, CAPS, President and Lead Designer, is a North Carolina native, active in the Asheville home building industry since 2005. During that time, Smith and his team have contributed to Asheville’s history, bringing conscientious design and sound construction of new homes and large scale remodels that honor Asheville’s architectural history, as well as define and inform it’s future.

A Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Smith is a past board member and active member of the Asheville Home Builders Association and a past Chair of the Workforce Development Committee. An alumnus of the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, with degrees in Studio Art/Art History and Comparative Religion, Smith approaches home design and construction through those lenses. His passion and understanding of art, music, history and religion inform the thoughtfulness of design and composition in WSM Craft homes. He and his artisan team work hand-in-hand with you to design and build your home.

When not at the office or in the design lab. Smith spends time playing guitar and banjo, gardening, raising chickens and ducks and camping and hiking with his wife, their two children and their 3/4 sized mutt, Levi.

Our Process

While the idea of building a home is exciting, the process can sometimes feel daunting. We walk you through each step, with transparency, care and your vision always in mind.

  • Let’s talk.

    Call us and let us know what you’re thinking. We choose a limited number of projects each year to provide detailed attention and service to you as your home or renovation evolves. While you are choosing us, we are choosing you, knowing that a solid customer/contractor match will bring everyone more success in the end, as well as enjoyment in the process.

  • Let’s walk.

    Let’s walk and talk, taking a look at your home or land, hearing about you and your family, how you plan to use your home and what’s important to you. During that time, we’ll unpack a few details about the building process, throw out some artisan details to get a sense of your aesthetic, and gather enough information to get back to you with some round numbers.

  • Let’s sketch.

    Our President and Lead Designer, Smith, is an artist at heart and by trade. He’s visual and has a keen ability to take your words, desires and vision for your home and put it into a sketch. We have a number of tools to help you share your ideas with us so we can put them into action.

  • Let’s discuss.

    We’ll get on on the same page as far as budget and timeline, and dial in some more specific details. We’ll take you through your design review committee at your property, if you have one, and get a contract in place.

  • Let’s get to work.

    We work with courteous and capable crew of building professionals and artisans aligned with our values. They have the precision to make your home one you can dream in.

Let us articulate your vision.